“Oh, I see?!” Biographical Comics of LGBTI


This educational comic project is about LGBTI: (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersex) who are still discriminated, also in Europe, e.g. in school, at work, in health care systems, in churches, in public or private life.

Since discrimination is often a result of ignorance and invisibility, the aim is to make the life of LGBTI visible.

By means of biographical comic-reports the living, the environment, the self-concept and the identity of LGBTI is going to be more visible and understandable.

Martina Schradi therefore collects stories of LGBTI-persons by interviewing them and transform them into short 1-3 paged comic reports based on true happenings and experiences.

Since 2013, Schradi has drawn more than 20 comicstrips which are published step by step on a webseite (www.achsoistdas.com) and are printed as a book and as posters to be shown at several places as exhibition in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Tunisia, Ukraine. Translations into english, russian, spanish and chinese are in progress.

The comicstrips are funny, surprising, sad or pretty grave – and one thing they have all in common: The comic-strips are thought-provoking, what barriers and absurdities in everyday life and in living together exist, when people have a sexual orientation or gender identity, which is not corresponding to the majority.

In addition, the team offers comic-performances and live-acts, respective lectures and workshops. An educational program for schools will be published too and enables teachers to work with young people on the issue (only in german).